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Maybe I should, like, moisturise or some girl crap like that.

I always thought that when I first got wrinkles they would be smile lines and that I'd be happy with that because how can any sign that you've been smiling be a bad thing? I automatically like and trust people strangers with wrinkles from smiling a little bit more than other people, which isn't actually the best idea because what if they've been smiling because they really enjoy all that murdering they do? Anyway, the point is that smile lines would be a sign that I'd been having more joy that I probably deserved and were thus a good sign.

But it's bloody frowning, brow furrowing wrinkles instead. That's not a sign of too much happiness! That's a sign of depression and moodiness! But... but... Joy! Happiness! SMILE LINES, DAMMIT.

Writing this I'm frowning at the screen so that's really only making matters worse. I think it's because my natural default expression is frowny brow-furrowy girl until someone looks at me. My natural expression has thwarted all of my life plans!
Tags: need to smile more!, quick say something funny!
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