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Snowpocalypse! But the dinosaurs survived it!

This year has been all about Nature (it deserves the capital letter at this point) going crazy on Christchurch so I suppose we shouldn't have been surprised when we got more snow than we've in the six years since I moved her. (Snow in Christchurch is pretty rare. Every winter the mountains all around us are always dusted in it, but I've only gotten snow twice before down in the front yard and all that jazz.

Anyway, the snow of late July cleared up but now it's started again and the weather officials are having meteorological orgasms over much snow we're going to get. Already it's much thicker on our porch than last time and it's pressed up against the door. Excitement!

Lara, who should be jaded to snow since she comes from freaking Montana has twice been the first one outside dancing around in it while Alison and I decide to enjoy it from the warmth of the living room.

As soon as there was enough snow to gather from the deck I did and then Lara took a photo.

Alison then asked 'did you make a snow cock??' I didn't, but apparently even when I'm not forming things into intentionally rude objects no one believes me.


Alison and Helios stay in the warm because they are smart

But Helios, he craves the snow times...


The tree out the back looking all pretty

Where did our driveway go??

Lara decided to go for a walk but I am very clever and remain where the heater is

Snow is much prettier from the warmth.

But Lara's walk provided graveyard photos

And when she came back I ventured outside too, and this face says 'oooh, look how deep the snow is, it has swallowed my boot'

And this one says 'holy shit I just made a snow angel but my kidneys are frozen and when I get up in a minute I'm going to realise that snow has made it's way into my undies SO COLD'

Last night The LFoD celebrated our three-way birthday party since we're all pretty close together for those. It was magically dinosaur themed and people even got nametags of awesome named yet somehow real dinosaurs, like Camelotia, Megacervixosaurus, Piratosaurus, Irritator, Mojoceratops, Pantydraco, Ultrasaurus, Smilodon, Minotaurasaurus, Kittysaurus, Technosaurus, and Discosaurus. All glorious, all the time!

Lucky for those not living in the house the party was being held in, the snow did not start in the wee hours of the night and thus trap everyone at the flat where they would be forced to sit around watching sci-fi. Like any of them would complain. I spent more time talking about Star Trek last night than anything else and I managed to score someone's media for myself. (Star Trek TOS and Enterprise - SHUT UP, I LIKE IT- Game of Thrones, Caprica, and the final season of BSG as we don't yet have it on DVD. WATCH ALL OF THE THINGS.)

My jelly castle last night was the best thing you've ever seen and never tasted. You'll just have to believe me if you weren't there. Vodka jelly castle is officially the thing I will now supply for social gatherings.

Checked outside. Yep. Still snowing.
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