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It's a thrilling tale of spider heroics

I just rescued Lara from Certain Death.

Or, more correctly, Lara just came into the living room to tell me that a Really Big Spider was hiding in her nightstand and please please please could I come get rid of it. Now, while I may be the only one in the house who will happily pick up the cute little spiders and play with them on my hands, I DO NOT like the creepy-arse big black house spiders. I don't even know what the hell species they are, but they're big and black and while very attractive and fascinating once I've got them in a glass, I don't want them running up my sleeve. Which they totally try to.

(My attempts to find out the species just now lead me to realize that New Zealand does have huntsman spiders we just call them Avondale spiders. God damn it, those fuckers are why I left Australia! Creepy little non-poisonous bastards.)

So I spent twenty minutes pulling things carefully out of her bedside table looking for the gross little thing, which ended up being much smaller than I expected but I wouldn't sleep knowing that thing was next to my head either.

CRUSHED. DEAD. He is now a part of the house permanently because I squashed him into the carpet. (Or her.)

I'm really itchy now. I'm pretty sure I'm covered in spiders.
Tags: behold my epic braves, covered in spiders not bees
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