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This post is all about panic and parents, it seems

I don't need to panic! I DO NOT NEED TO PANIC.

I'm totally panicking.

Travelling always does this to me! Ali is going out and went and had coffee whereas I am running around the house in a tizzy worrying. I'm not even PACKING, I'm just worrying. This would be much more productive if the packing was actually happening. Alison reminds me that it's still 20 hours until we go but I am NOT COMFORTED.

Blaaah, I am rubbish. (I do this same thing before we have drinkies here as well. I run around the house flailing that the house isn't ready for people! CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!)

Anyway, we're off to Nimbin tomorrow and we even scored an airport ride from Ali's parents. It's like we're being passed between the parents. Alison's dad will drop as off at international and then my dad will pick us up and maybe we should have those cute little Unaccompanied Minor stickers. (I hated those name UM stickers. They meant you had to sit in a crappy little room with air hostesses while all the grown ups got to go explore the airport. All I wanted to do as a flying kid was have McDonalds, was that too much to ask? I'm digressing like whoa here.)

Ali's dad is coming to rip our deck up: HOLY CRAP EXCITING! I am so not packing when I could be watching that! I want to see what sort of crazy shit they're going to find underneath it. Wish me monsters!

Panic and procrastination - I am made of GLORY.
Tags: adventures!, oh god - put the kettle on

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