Circe (_honeyspider) wrote,

Mmmm, easter eggs.

I just found the Easter Egg on the season three Mighty Boosh DVD of Bollo auditioning to be the Cadbury's gorilla. Adorable. Oh Bollo, I do so love you.

Tonight Ali and I went over to Cath and Jen's place (Ness there too- THE LFOD REUNITED!) for a desert night which meant, oh lord, so much sweet om noms we all thought we'd explode. Cath also made something wobbling and pink and penis-like once she'd given it mint ice-cream testicles. She is filthy.

Unrelated to Boosh (I promise): I really want another tattoo. So very much. I've been having plans and sketches and the like. (I'm thinking a giant Noel Fielding chestpiece in metallic blue and gold, what do you think? It'd be the mirrorball suit. Very classy and subtle. I'll use my nipples for the eyes.)
Tags: noel fielding is a bird, om nom nom, tattoo, the mighty boosh

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