Circe (_honeyspider) wrote,

I'm in the basement, you're in the sky...

This weekend I'm going to get to see Neil Gaiman. It's only started really kicking in in the last day or so and now I'm sort of like !!! about it. NEIL. MEETING NEIL. I think I might faint, you guys. He's so !!!

I'll also be seeing Amanda Palmer on the same weekend and then again the next weekend. I feel so shiny and awesome. And tonight we're finishing Battlestar and that is pretty damn shiny as well.

Life is sweet. I'm kind of thrilled to be a part of it right at this moment.
Tags: !!!, 'ave a cuppa tea, adventures!, amanda palmer, books are love, concerts, crazy flatmates, cupcakes now?, cylons are fracking lickable, hera is so cute, lara is made of ♥, like my women like i like my coffee, neil gaiman, new zealand being kinda cool, noel fielding is a bird, party in my pants, starbuck is my girl forever, talking to flatmates on the net, the world is amazing,

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