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High on the hill was a lonely goatherd....

New Year's Resolutions are for pussies.(1)

It's currently 11.14pm and I have spent the night cleaning things while everyone else I know is out partying because they are young whippersnappers and I am an ancient crone.

Yada yada yada life - visiting mum was awesome, although she did keep giving me things to bring home which meant we had to go buy a bigger suitcase to fit all said things in. We watched lots of good movies - Aliens, Sherlock Holmes, Zombieland and lots of... erm, not so good movies, like Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus.(2) I had drinkings and shoppings and then had to get up early for planeings :/

Got to Melbourne and there was no Lewi and Lara despite the latter making very excited noise previously about the fact that it was to the Circe Day. I wandered about and collected my luggage and attempted not to FLIP RIGHT OUT(3) that something horrible had happened to them and they were DEAD. Luckily it turns out they weren't and all was well and I walked around Melbourne malls for hours not purchasing anything made of liquid.

I have a goat that yodels.

Tomorrow I have to go get groceries since there's not really much in the house and I didn't do it today. I made tea when I got home last night and realised, crap!, there wouldn't be any milk. Open fridge with longing and caution and JOY! there was milk! So I poured it into my waiting tea and found it slightly more... solid than one might like. Lumpy milk is not a friend.

The tea had to go away in shame.

I am on Alison's computer as mine is currently with Tim getting itself completely nuked from orbit as it is not so healthy. But hopefully soon it will rise again and I'll give it a suitably zombieish new name(4) and I shall sit in front of the TV watching DVDs and drinking lumpless milk and eating Christmas chocolates of all sorts.

11.24pm now. Happy New Year in advance. I hope 2010 drunkenly comes onto you at midnight and wakes up naked in your bed before having to do the walk of shame in front of all the other years. Don't worry about it, 2010. They've all been there.

(1) But maybe I should attempt to eat slightly less crap...
(3) Attempts were terrible. Almost cried with relief on Lewi but I can blame half of this on being very tired and very hungry.
(4) Maybe Terrance.
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