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Does this mean I can stay the kid?

I talked to my little brother on the phone today. In my mind he's seventeen still but he's turning twenty-one in March. It's all wrong. He sounds like a grown up man-person and he's about six-four apparently.

He and his girlfriend have been together for five years in April, and he told me he's going to propose then. They're also trying for a baby.

My face = :O to every single thing in this post.

Although he's apparently a big BSG fan which means we have something in common for what might be the first time ever.
Tags: !!!, :o!, adult themes, bad sleeping habits, being loop free, bsg, crazy stuff, cylons are fracking lickable, destroying childhoods, family, going home for holidays, insomnia for the win!, lifetime of drinking, like a turtle, madness takes it's toll, oh my god (in capslock), other assorted small animals, relationships are bloody complex, roundhouse your shit up, sticky handed children, stuff that scares me, such a grown up now, take a day off you weirdo, tasmania, the end is seriously fucking nigh, the moon was having a wank, tripod tripod yay!, warm beds
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