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yet queenly she looked, and thought and knowledge were in her glance

*giggles* Just read phfa’s post for The Secret Side of Arda. It had me molesting Eomer and this line:

On the other side of Rivendell, the sound a female elf makes when she's tickling a Rohirrim echoed though the halls. And from said Rohirrim "Oh! Hey! Ah! Not there! Lower! Lower!"

Bwa haha! I love it. And now it’s my turn to write something. Must think of a plot. Ah, what am I thinking. Arda, doesn’t have plot! Arda has wackiness plotlessness.

Also, since I feel like pimping…*puts on pimp hand and grabs Lucius’ cane*

Was reading through Bagenders again. It’s hilarious. All people should read it! Go. Now.

"Hey, I resent that. You can't put me and Sam in the same pigeon hole as Merry and Pippin."

"No, there'd be a terrible fight if we tried that, you're small, but you wouldn't all fit in the same pigeon hole."

Frodo made a face. He may have been insane, well at least some of the time, but he knew when he was being mocked.

And Legolas and Aragorn in one of the ‘Random Slashy Interludes’…

“Will you stop doing that! Every time I try and say something nice you make it into an Arwen comparison! What is you problem?”

“My problem is that I’m second choice! You could have avoided Arwen! I was throwing myself at you from virtually the moment I met you! But nooooooooo, someone gives you a tacky necklace and makes you sign a legally binding contract and you fall at her feet.”

“Really? Sorry. I always assumed you were doing the ethereally asexual thing.”

“No, I was doing the ethereally sexually frustrated thing. You never noticed the hair?”

“Your hair? It’s quite nice hair...”

“No, the special braids? The ones that mean ‘take me take me big boy’?”

“They do? Is that why Haldir followed you round Lothlorien?”

“Yes. And you never bloody noticed!”

“Must not be a Rivendell thing.”

“The Twins still wear their hair like that.”

“Oh. Ooops.”

Alright, I could pimp more but I’ll hold myself back. *returns cane to Lucius and tightens his collar.*

Found this quote from Johnny Depp yesterday:

"The whole idea of being Don Juan is so foreign to me that it's funny. Here's a man who says, 'I am the world's greatest lover' to every woman he meets, and he really means it. He believes it. I could never go up to a woman and say anything like that. I just couldn't [laughs]."

*falls over from laughing so hard* Honey, you could walk up to any woman and say ‘I’m the world’s biggest git’ and they’d still shag you right there. Ah, the difficulty of being painfully gorgeous. (And delicious in Treacle.)

I have that movie in the living room. I told phfa that I had Johnny Depp in the living room and she didn’t believe me! But I do. He’s just on a video, is all. I also have Alan Rickman in the living room. Wow. My living room rocks.

Sigh. Can’t wait for Love, Actually to start. Alan Rickman-ness! That man has a to die for voice. So very mmmm…

Survivor is playing in the background. If that fucking bastard Jon wins, I will not be happy. He’s such a bloody… I’d say snake, but I like snakes so that doesn’t work.

phfa and moment_of_sen are squeeing about ‘ROTK IN TEN DAYS!!! EIIII!!’ *grins* Ah, and like two weeks for me. Sigh. I don’t understand how Australia can get everything so long after New Zealand. (The girls just went and saw Love, Actually the other night and it’s supposed to get here in a week or two.)

Have I mentioned my love for the Lord of the Rings cast? Cause they’re all so gorgeous. See?
Slashy boys Premire snoggings

*schnoogles them all*

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