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The theme of this post appears to be '♥'

One of my favourite things in the world is bussing on a hangover. Oh baby, there is nothing more exciting. (I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.) But I have no progressed from my deadly morning times to now just feeling kinda groggy instead. But that's fine because Ali and I have Buffy season three to be watching and junk food to watch it with. TAKE THAT, WORLD. Nothing can make anything bad right now.

Party last night was really good and people were to bright and colourful. For those who are unaware I was wearing FLUORO ORANGE TROUSERS. That's a sight that you will never see again. People were fun and awesome - Dollhouse, I ♥ you and your parties.*

Tonight I sort out travel details for August and then I can email parentals about flights. I am going to rock Sydney and Nimbin ♥

*Me: Hey, they all live in the Dollhouse... but that don't really exist in an innocent childlike state.
Alison: *snort* That would be the very opposite of what they are.

TV, you lied to me again.
Tags: adventures!, awesomeness, being perverted, boys are so pretty, breasts all over, broken body parts, climb inside you like a warm kitten, dressing up like fools, drinking is big and clever, drunken fun wins all, early morning bus rides, everyone digs pornstars, going home for holidays, hangovers, i like pointless posts, insomnia for the win!, man i like tags, mornings??, naked fun at the lfod, necrophilia lol, oh yeah baby, om nom nom, parties, sequoia wants to do my cupcake, sleeping on ali, snogging other people's girlfriends, the moon was having a wank, this isn't worth tagging, to things that don't suck, wanking on catwoman, was it the acting?, where the fuck is caroline trentini??, who needs pants?, yay for tattoos!, you love it you slaaaags!,
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