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HOLY FRACK, DEE! I knew that someone was going to shoot themselves in the head this season as I run across the spoiler, but I was still like :O!! when it happened. I LOVE DEE! Who am I kidding though, because I love almost everyone on BSG. That

I'm liking this season so much more now that I've watched it all in one go. I thought it was kind of boring before but all together it's so much better. It's AWESOME.

I cried when I thought Gaius was going to die on the Cylon base ship. For reals, yo. In fact, I may have screamed out 'DON'T YOU KILL MY BABY!' which might have been a little extreme. But these last few episodes are making me cry a lot - I won't be ashamed. Dammit, every time Bill Adama cries I join right on in because that man is a BAMF who isn't afraid to sob. (Lee holding him when he was drunk and crying after finding out about Tigh? HOLY HELL, YOU ADAMAS BREAK ME.)

The only thing this season that I don't LOVE is the revelation of the final Cylon.

Ellen? ELLEN? That's fraking retarded and lame and I refuse to accept it, even though interviews with the people behind BSG say it's the truth. LAME, DUDES. THAT. IS LAME.

I'm glad the Threes are back, because Lucy Lawless is awesome and they are so sarcastic it makes me soul gleeful.

So, in short? This season pwns me and Starbuck is still my hot hot girlfriend.

EDIT: THIS is the best BSG mechanise EVER. Well, okay, except for the LIFESIZE Centurion Robot (!!!) But then, that does cost $8500 (US) which is slightly out of most people's price range when it comes to TV show collectables.
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