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This post was brought to you by the letter...

Tonight there was an informal sewing group in the living room as we all try and finish garb before Canterbury Faire. (Oh man, so close. How much can I not wait for nine days of medievalness? The answer is A LOT.) I am not even half way around hemming the skirt on my GIANT freaking gown. It's going to take forever but it will be worth it. Everyone loves a huge skirt.

After sewing we didn't do much. Oh, except that we watched Repo!! OH MY GOD, FOR THE FRACKING WIN! :D It made me happy in my pants and in my soul. (The bits with Anthony Stewart Head singing and being evil made me especially happy in the pants region.)

How tempted am I to watch it again later tonight? SO VERY MUCH Not at all. Nope. None.

Musical and Medieval both start with an M. M is clearly awesome.
Tags: 'ave a cuppa tea, *insert theme music here*, a bit of fantasy, abuse of feathers, all singing - all dancing, bouncy bouncy, boys with long hair, breasts all over, cf, death, dressing up like fools, drinkings!, fashion is so much fun, geekary of all forms, gore!, goth wins all, hanging with lords, harness the forces of evil to abuse you, i like uber-gothic, it's like larping, jillian wants your eyeballs, look at the boobies!, medieval awesomess, mmm graverobber, mong coffee!, musicals make the glee happen, necrophilia lol, oh my god (in capslock), om nom nom, omgawesomefilm!, party in my pants, physical trauma, playing with sharp things, removing body parts slowly, repo!, sci-fi happy, singing giles = hotness, squeeful things!, stump fucking, they all die., thinking bad thoughts, to things that don't suck

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