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Boosh fans! you BBC3 weirdos!

On Saturday night there was a Heroes and Villains party. So I say to myself, Self, who is the most bestest and sexiest villain?

The answer is, of course, The Hitcher. He will, after all, harness the powers of evil to abuse you. In song format.

I even got my own half-hearted Piper Twin.

A few people got who I was. Everyone else was just confused to why I kept speaking to them in a bad cockney accent and threatening to put them in dolphin suits...
Tags: 'ave a cuppa tea, a bit of fantasy, adventures!, awesomeness, being total losers, breasts all over, broken body parts, cockney bitch, dressing up like fools, drinking and yet sober, evident insanity, geekary of all forms, harness the forces of evil to abuse you, hitting on my friends, naked fun at the lfod, ninja skills, oh yeah baby, owned your face, parties, physical trauma, picspam, solo polo vision, stump fucking, take a day off you weirdo, the mighty boosh, to things that don't suck, you love it you slaaaags!
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