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I remember, I dismember

Dammit! I missed seeing the Christchurch-based zombie movie at the film festival. Did anyone else in this fair city manage to go see it, and if so what did you think? It looked like it could have been a lot of fun. Very Shaun of the Dead but with added New Zealand.

I might drag Alison along to see Teeth because, lol, vagina dentata. And she wants to go see Let The Right One In which may or may not be about vampires, as I wasn't listening all that well when she told me about it.

The movie that should be showing is Repo! because, dammit, I'm way too excited about that muscial. But considering the fact that it is apparently only going to be opening on ten screens across the US, looks like I'll be waiting for DVD for this one. Bastards. But, mmmm, Anthony Steward Head should always sing. That man is so damn sexy. The Graverobber is also very hot. (And he reminds me of Alexei a lot.)
Tags: *insert theme music here*, a bit of fantasy, all singing - all dancing, awesomeness, being not even there, boys with long hair, everything blowing up, geekary of all forms, goth wins all, harness the forces of evil to abuse you, holy shit my room is clean, i like uber-gothic, i'm so shallow, it's always about dl, man i like tags, music i waaant, musicals make the glee happen, necrophilia lol, new zealand film, omgawesomefilm!, removing body parts slowly, repo!, they all die., to things that don't suck, vagina dentata, youtube ate my soul, zomg zombies!

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