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Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace

LFoD drinkies tonight means I have to clean my room. As one can understand this is a horrible thing for me to face and I have to remove to poets so I can vacuum. (Rats? Strangely not fond of the very loud sucking machine. Who would have thought it?) Uuuuugh, task too daunting. Abort. Abort.

Slave auction and party last night was pretty damn awesome even if I was - shock horror - sober. (See, mum? Totally not a drunk ;P) Had heaps of fun actually and did my regular trick of stealing leather jackets from the nearest male. It remains one of my very favourite games.

I want to end this on something really witty, but alas I have nothing.

EDIT: Hats make me look like a twat.

Rock on, my bitches.

Tags: *insert theme music here*, a bit of fantasy, adventures!, all singing - all dancing, almost a corset, anti-pants, awesomeness, climb inside you like a warm kitten, corset bruising is so worth it, crap for breakfast, cupcakes now?, dressing up like fools, drinkies, drinking and yet sober, evident insanity, filthy lesbians and their filthy ways, friends, geekary of all forms, hitting on my friends, i've forgotten something..., lfod, look at the boobies!, mango sodomy, my parents going :|, necrophilia lol, no one mocks goths better than goths, oh god - put the kettle on, parties, pointless nudity all around, rocky horror, sequoia wants to do my cupcake, stump fucking, take a day off you weirdo, the first rule of lfod club, thinking bad thoughts, this isn't worth tagging
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