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Tea time!

This morning the ladies of the LFoD received a strange and wondrous package from across the seas. Within said packages was to be found numerous lovely gifts and among these were teabags of the exotically delicious kind.

Oh, what a dilemma. What are five young maidens to do with such a gift? Why, they of course must have their own Victiorian-esque tea party. And as everyone knows a proper tea party requires cupcakes. The afternoon was spend with the lovely maidens making cupcakes and preparations for tea time.

So, with a soundtrack of tea loving punktorian Emilie Autumn, the day got off to a start.

The wondrous gifts received.

Miss Circe and Miss Catherine show the domestic skills that will one day surely make them fine brides for any young gentleman.

A busy kitchen is a happy kitchen.

We educated ladies know our letters

Mr Voltaire the Plague Rat approves verily of our hard works and agrees to join us all for tea as well.

Nothing more healthy for young women than tea.

"Ah yes," says Miss Sena. "This aroma is most pleasant to my nostrils." Hurrah!

Mr Voltaire sips delicately before informing the table that this one is too weak for his liking.

The cups are passed along...

"I think," says Miss Raen with confusion. "That this one tastes of rat." Alas, poor Voltaire weeps at such accusations against his character and personal hygiene.

Such manners among the ladies.

"Fresh cup!" cried Miss Sena. "For this one dost verily harm my virtue!"

Miss Circe found her tea to be most pleasant.

Alas, Miss Jennifer did not find this tea as pleasing.

"Were it not merely flavoured water," Miss Sena comments, "this one would be most enjoyable."

"The cakes are simply to die for, Miss Catherine."

The fine ladies of the Flat of Lesbos have spoken...

And when Mr Voltaire goes to bed, Miss Circe finds other company with Mr Baudelaire, Mr Poe, and Lord Byron, who may or may not carry plague but aren't speaking about it if they are.
Tags: baudelaire, cupcakes now?, dressing up like fools, emilie owning our souls again, high tea, lfod stuff, lord byron, picspam, poe, rats, sir voltaire, victoriana for the win!
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