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Another year gone...

Oh, hello bedroom. You are fantastically wonderful and not full of leaves and lack any sort of deflating bed.

I returned this afternoon from Canterbury Faire, the ever-fantastic week long medieval event. And while I was happy to leave behind sleeping in a very small tent with Raen, I shall miss the rest of it.

I ate so many pies. Mmmm, pie. And Turkish coffee. I wish I had one now because I'm quite asleep even after falling into my bed as soon as our return to the LFoD.

And while it is not medieval, human croquet is serious amounts of fun when played :)
Tags: 'ave a cuppa tea, abuse of feathers, adventures!, all singing - all dancing, almost a corset, awesomeness, being total losers, broken body parts, drinkings!, evident insanity, friends, hanging with lords, how batman was that??, i'm still in garb, it's like larping, look at the boobies!, medieval awesomess, mong coffee!, mushrooms ewww, oh yeah baby, other assorted small animals, pomegrantes, rats, so much boobies!, soup soup, take a day off you weirdo, they all die., tim's buttsex powers, to things that don't suck, who needs pants?, you love it you slaaaags!

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