Circe (_honeyspider) wrote,

I'm quite amused.

Alison is drunk

Alison: ourf taxi driver belived in ghost and was telling us all about ghosts he'd sewen BUT i started talking about faeries and he said he thought they werew ALL nice aso i told him about nasty natry faeries and about theier sense of moral ambiguity and how they are not hom ean and as such dont' have to AND actua;lly cannot follow thew same moral code as homans and we shoudlnt' expect them to,, and he said HOW do youknow all this,, and do you do history of rosething,, and i saiyt YES, but that's not the pointl, i just read books, i love bookas.... and anywAYT tthey dont' teach tyou the history of fety in class anywayt, unless it's that class i did the start of the yeAR WHIch was all about urban fantasy and thingas. ANYWAY I BROKE his vision of the fAEry world, and now he knows that faeries are NOT all good andlovely. and gaurdien angels, like hethought, because theyre NOT

and if you ever some across faeries BE CAERREDFUL and dont tellthem your real yname and son't tell them where you are gpoina dn be VERY VERY polite to them and offer them good and cream and anything withsugar in it bewcause they appreciate it, okay????

god, just don't mess with them, they're dangdersousl.

my toatstie is here ihave to eat it nowbecause it's godf ham and corninit/.

fuck it's not reasy i can keep talking

i don't know what else to tell you excete that faries... be careflll oksy.

I told ness not to dfart on my boobs. okay:?? and she kept doing i. i mean mouth farst, nots rael farts ikaty?K

Aaaand now it's me again. You can tell because there is some semblance of sense and spelling. Drunk!Alison lacks those things.

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