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trapped in a box by a cockney nutjob (Also known as: It's all about the Boosh.)

It has come to my attention after watching too much of The Mighty Boosh live DVD that I would totally sleep with The Hitcher. This is interesting considering that he is both a) sadistically evil, and b) umm, green. Although technically in the live show he isn't green!

It's the cockney accent. I'm sure of it.

everybodylookatthemoon! everybodyseesthemoon!

Man, I love this show. No one we know outside of our flat even gets what we're talking about. But it'll be on C4 soon. Which is good but... only cool people are allowed to like it here! Yes, I can't stop everyone in all of England liking it if they're tards, but that's not here. The scenesters are going to latch. Look at Vince and tell me they're not going to latch!

Boosh! Boosh! Stronger than a Moose!

I may have been downloading music.

Everyone is out at work/school and it's only 8.30. This is all wrong. It's not the natural order of things!

Oh, the mirroball suit.
Tags: 'ave a cuppa tea, climb inside you like a warm kitten, gonna have ourselves some hot jaaazz!, harness the forces of evil to abuse you, i am electro boooooy, i'm old greeeeegg!, jupiter doesn't have a song, love games, noel fielding is a bird, solo polo vision, stump fucking, the blinding whitness of the tuuunnnndra, the mighty boosh, the moon was having a wank, you love it you slaaaags!
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