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Neck tattoos are very rarely flattering.

I just came across the scariest RPG in the whole world. Hogwarts Scene. Not only is it yet another Harry Potter RPG, it's a Harry Potter RPG filled with scenesters. Oh the pain. Their excuse is that the wizarding world is moving with the times, clearly ignore the fact that this may be so but Hogwarts is still a school. The horror. Keep the tacky lip peircings and emo fringes far from me.

However in my own (mostly) scensterless RPG, Alison, Nikki, and I are currently writing what amounts to a gothic novel. It's fantastic and is only going to get more gloriously fantastic as it goes on. Their crazy mother wanders the halls at night in her long white gown. For real. The Bronte sisters would be so proud of us.

Tonight, if I decide I am in fact ready to be not lazy, I have to bleach my hair and redye it. Oh the scalp-burning joy!

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