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Birthday gathering here on Saturday night went very well. Much fun and drinking all around, but sadly Ness has taken her camera home so I can't post photos from it. But I shall because there's sure to be something to embarass everyone on there.

I'm wondering how many times I can listen to this 'demo' version of the new Nightwish album, with the man who randomly crops up and tells me what album I'm listening to and what track. Sigh. Shall have to buy it when it comes out. I'm enjoying enough for that.

And now, since I'm not doing anything more interesting, have some videos:

Epica - Never Enough

I've no idea what's going on in that video with the whole pink theme, but I do know that Simone looks gorgeous. As usual. Guh, marry my, Simone. Why do Epica always have terrible videos? (Except Solitary Ground, maybe?) Scratch that, why do metal bands in general seem to have sub-par videos?

Nightwish - Amaranth

Nightwish you have cheesy videos. But I don't really care because I want to draw everyone's attention to Tuomas with his shirt all open and his headbanging and... Jesus Christ, I'll be in my bunk.

HIM - Kiss of Dawn

I like the guitars. Like, a lot. I am not, however, as fond of the weird sections of this video with a badly done ghost in a graveyard. I like Ville's coat, but I worry he's going to get a cold standing outside with no shirt on. Though I suppose if you live in Finland anywhere else is going to seem quite warm.

And now older video time, because I'm all caught up in YouTube now.

Kidneythieves - Zerospace

Not one of my favourites of their songs, but the only one that appears to even have a video for it. Sadness :( But I love them and so I post this. But why be in a bath naked if its all gonna be pixalated? Tis silly. Her voice is my favourite ever, I don't even know why. But if I had to pick one singer to steal the voice of it would be her. (She's apparently got a solo effort out, but its more sort of Tori-ilcious.

And that brings me nicely to Tori.

Tori Amos - Spark

I loves that song. I love Tori. All over I shall lick her to death with my adoration. Or something like that.

And now to jump straight from Tori to something a little less gentle...

Strapping Young Lad - Love?

I really like that song, but not so much as I love the video because how can I dare to NOT love something so very Evil Dead? It would be impossible. The singer makes me giggle all the time. That's probably not his intention.

Now I think I should end this with something serious, something beautiful with a real message, something to make you really think about things.

Tripod - The X-Box Song
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