Circe (_honeyspider) wrote,

Fangirling ahead

Tonight I went and saw Joanne Harris do talky things about her books and it was the best thing ever. I love that woman! If she hadn't been one of my very favourite authors before tonight she would be now. I was worried that she might turn out to be an uppity bitch in real life and then all her books would be tainted. I am glad that the only taint it of awesomeness.

She even mentioned Finland. You can imagine my glee.

Also she likes to write fanfic. Which is kind of hilarious. Imagine reading fanfic from a real proper author. Weeird, yet cool.

She told this great story about how when Chocolat was coming out as a movie, everyone just kept asking her if she'd met Johnny and if she liked him as such. And she'd said she hadn't met him but wasn't all girly over him like the interviewers excepted because he wasn't her type. Then she actually got to meet him for the first time at the movie premiere where he looked at her and said, "You're Joanne Harris. Apparently I'm not your type."

Tonight was made of happy. (Even if the interviewer managed to call her both 'Joanne Moore' and then 'Joanne Morris.')

*requires new book*

EDIT: Hahahaha, found on an actual real userinfo: My Chemical Romance is my favorite band, and they have saved my life. *cackles* MCR SAVED MY LIEF! Just when I thought I'd never see that phrase for serious anymore.
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