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When fandoms collide. With pie.

Warning: This post will probably make a lot more sense if you're familliar with Heroes and Supernatural.

There has been recent talk between Raen, Sena, and myself about what is sure to be the biggest show since The Beatles in Space:

The Winchelli's, an awesome new series about two sets of brothers - Dean and Sam, and Peter and Nathan - who work in a pizza shop by day and fight demons and the forces of evil by night, with the help of their niece, Claire.

Sam: I have floppy emo hair.
Peter: Me too!
Sam:I have an uber protective older brother who acts like a hard arse but is actually a softie who had daddy issues.
Peter: ... Yo, get out of my head!
Sam: My girlfriend got pinned to the ceiling and was bleeding all over me and shit.
Peter:... Dude, I'm not your girlfriend. Don't hug me.
Sam: Not even a little?
Peter: ... Maybe later.
Sam: Uh, I died this one time?
Peter: Stop it! :|
Sam: I dated Rory Gilmore?

In one of the plots Nathan is elected President but the white house is posessed with evil spirits: OH NOES! It's up to Sam, Dean, and Peter to kill the evil suckers. While all this is going on Claire discovers a secret conspirisy going on but before she can tell her father about it, they kill her! Gasp! Unknown to them Claire cannot be killed and tells her daddy about the bad men.

And they would have got away with it too if it weren't for those pesky brothers and their damn niece.

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