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Stupid ^&#$%$^ computer! Why? Why are you so stupid?? ARGH! I thought the reason it went so slow and took forever to do anything was the lack of room on it. So I bought the pretty external hard drive and now there's plenty of room so WHY DOES IT STILL RUN SO SHITE??

It should not take almost ten minutes to open word. This makes it very very stressful when having to hand in an essay in half an hour. It should not freeze my entire computer when the song playing changes. It should not, when playing DVDs, pause every five seconds. And it should really not take so long between the time that I click on firefox to when it opens that I can go make myself a cup of tea.

Why? Why are you doing this to me, computer? Please don't make me cry. I need you. Haven't I always been mostly good to you?

I'm so god damn fucking computer illiterate so I don't know what the fuck to do with it any more. I'd take everything off and put it back in the hopes that it would clean up all the shit that it's evidently running underneath but I have no freaking idea how to do that either.

Bollocks. It's all utter bollocks. I'm going to throw other things before I start throwing my lappy.

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