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I love, I swear I loved; else why this pain?

It's 6am and I'm failing to sleep once again, waiting for my painkillers to do their magic though they don't seem to want to work today.

I'm listening to Emilie Autumn's poetry in my earphones. That woman is so fabulous. I remember some quote from somewhere (a movie?) that said something along the lines of 'they could fart on a snare drum and everything would think it was genius.'

I'm not suggesting Emilie's next album be an exploration of flatulance and precussion, I'm just saying I think she's great and I love all things she touches. (Dear Emilie, please stick to music and leave the farting to the professionals.)

Someone just sent me a comment asking me to join their Harry Potter RPG. O_o I don't think these people know me at all. Or, in the (twisted) words of Buffy: "Where were you, when I got over Harry Potter. He is of the past." ... I think I want to join it to fuck with them. Does that make me a bad person? Awesome.

Argh. Time to attempt sleep.

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