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Don't touch, don't look too close, but I didn't mean you.

I have no voice.

Okay, that's a dirty lie. I admit it. I do have a voice. It's just far to painful to actually speak for more than a sentance at anything louder than a ratty-level whisper. I'm also very sleepy. And living on painkillers. Yay!

I've been avoiding handling my rats since I got out, as I don't want to risk anything getting infected. So Jenkins is being their mummy for a while and I just have to sit there going 'I loooove yooooou!' and complain about how cute they are and how much I want to snuggle them.

I shall now lead all in a rousing chorus of I May Be A Tiny Chimney Sweep But I Have An Enormous Broom. On three!

One! Two! Three!

Sena is coming over tonight with the latest Supernatural episode. This makes me happy. I like shows with things and stuff and boys and guns.

Mmmm, sleepy. Very sleepy.

In case anyone is wondering, no, Circe is not here. Circe cannot come to the phone at the moment. Please leave a message after the post and she'll get back to you when she wakes up.

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