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Shooting makes me feel better.

I'm sick. It's so unfun.

But instead of using my day productively and doing, oh I don't know, essays, I spent it stumbling around on a dizzy ride controlled (but not well controlled) by my foggy brain. I redid my layout because shiny makes me feel less blah, and Emilie is fantastic and pretty. And she's stopped me from listening to nothing but the missing: all day long. Now it's both of them.

Today Amazon sent me shinies! I now own Spaced and will inflict it upon the LFoD very soon. Sena is inflicting more Supernatural on us tomorrow. YAY! Oh noes!! Buffy DVDs are apparently waiting out at the airport for me to collect them >_< I really wish couriers would stop trying to deliver things to the back door at 9am.

My rats are total spazzes. I thought Lord Byron was crazy enough on his own. Now that there's three of them it's madness. It's not fun when I'm trying to sleep off a headache, I'll tell you.

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