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A gothic play revival

NaNo is coming along slowly. And by that I mean I'm at least over the miniumum word count as long as a I write a little more today. It's descended into sort of this creation mythologies of the faerie race at the moment. Which was unexpected but sort of gives me a plot, actually. (Which: Hallalujah.) So it now involves a dark Spider Goddess who created the faeries and now she's going to come something.

It's a half plot really. It does confirm two things about me though: 1. I'm incapable of writing any type of traditional faerie as mine have decended into strong flesh eating enemies of the human race, and 2. How many Spider related Goddesses/All powerful beings can I make? Seriously. It needs to stop!

We had fireworks here on Sunday night and did the exploding things game. I'm not sure whose idea it was to start putting them under the big road cone but it was genius and very pretty. Plus the cone did that whole cool melty thing. Thus meaning I couldn't bring it home and add it to my collection, though. ... Not that I have one of those. I should go write, but it looks like I'm going to make graphics instead. I suck hard, baby.
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