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And I dont know if you're holding on to what you've got

Peversion Party last night was very good while I was there. Much enjoyment and partying happened. I got to be social and bouncy and dancy and naughty well behaved. (It was really nice to see people again. The last party I wasn't being social for very long.)

But Raen and I did leave our coats in Slosh's room so we'll have to back at some point at get them. Luckily I have lots of coats! But it was cold walking to find a taxi in my half-a-top.

I also got amusingly fitting writing on me before the night was through. I should also learn my lessons and just stayin the places where I'm having fun before things go kablooey. Cause kablooey is no fun, and we all know it.

Poor Raen is a little bit hungover and covered in very dark hickeys and we should go get something to eat. We haven't really shopped since Cath left so the house is a little empty today. We need to rectify that. (We do, however, have pringles! We can live on those!)
Tags: kablooey, parties

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