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Hope I didn't get you too excited with the cut there, Raen.

There's something wrong with it being 27 degrees in winter. Phonecalls from home saying 'SO COLD! It's snowing!' (BASTARD!) confuse me no end because then I look out the window and...well...

Not so cold and windy and wet here. (My camera doesn't seem to like the sun much and refuses to really capture it. I suspect it's not quite sure what sunlight is.)

And for your faunariffic entertainment, some of the local wildlife. And by local, I mean kitchen.

There's a lovely romantic story that goes with these pictures involving the star-crossed meeting of that huntsman and one of those birds. Oh, it was beautiful. Theirlovewassodigested. (Watched a big spider get eaten by a bird? Creepy and entrancing. What with all the wriggling and crunching and all...)
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