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"You know what would be awesome, Circe?" I hear you ask. "If Jack Sparrow was a Pirate but also a samurai. Perhaps a Samur-pi. Or a Pi-rai. Or a Sammate."

Well, in response to that I say. "Mmm, pie." And also: "Yes. That would be intriguing."

I wish Supernatural would start airing here. It sounds amusing and quite Buffy-riffic from quotes. (Cause I found icons, see.)

My birthday party will be on Saturday the 5th of August, I believe. I'll make some other proper announcement about it I'm sure, but for now I just give you a date.

People who I expect to see there: Nikki, Ness, Lara, Lewi. I don't want to hear all those 'we're in another cooooouuuuntry' excuses that you all seem to keep throwing at me.

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