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It's just my usual ranting.

(Lara, sweetheart, you know I adore you and I know you're friends with them but this is my lj so I may rant.)

Oh good LORD. Just...get over it. Seriously, I'm sick to death of all the fucking drama three American kids are kicking up over a game. RPing is meant to be fun and they turned it into something that wasn't anymore. They can't tell the god damned differance between their characters and themselves and, god, it's so freaking annoying. Hypocritical and ridiculous and childish.

They talk about wanting everyone to feel like they have an opinion and then they write long angry entries about how we're ruining things and then turn off the comments. Which causes us to want to explain our reasoning in a new post and then they get angry about that. Actually, yes, that was the final straw in that game: the comment nazi-ing. It boiled down to they were the ones who were allowed to say things and we were not.

And then they're surprised and angry when we leave. Probably because we took at the actually interesting characters in the game and the best players. Boo fucking hoo.

Now they're throwing a tantrum and giving us the livejournal version of 'we'll sue you!' Which is, of course, 'we'll take it up with lj abuse if you even think about things in the REAL rp in your new one!' Oh, fuck off, kiddies. I'm sick of your drama.

We're now being told that fantasy rules we wrote belong solely to that game and we cannot use them. They changed their rules now to even say this. That rules created by people who left the game, belong solely to them and we'll be livejournal sued!1!! if we try using them in the new game. Nice try, kiddies. Give the livejournal terms of service a read over before trying that threat again. And as for copyright infringment? Livejournal won't do a damn thing unless we're reproducing their images, writing, or photographs. I could write giant sexcapades with their characters if I really wanted and they can't do much more than moan about it. (Sure, if I cared about said characters.)

I'm alternating between amused eyerolling and annoyance. Some people's sticks need to be firmly removed

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