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She's rotten and so beautiful

He'll never change - he's not that brave
He'll never say you're beautiful

I'm ridiculously tired for no discernible reason at all. It's maaaaadness. And you know what else is madness? Windows Media Player. I made me download the new version and it's! I don't deal well with change. This is something I'm coming to realise as I get older. I always thought I would turn out to be one of those awesome spontaneous unpredictable people but, nope, I've come to realise I'm the very opposite. I'm boring and predictable to the extreme and I like things to stay the way I expect them to be.

I'm attempting to be less slack with my writing in the last few days. Which means stories I haven't touched in months are being opened- specifically Boy & Goddess- and played with. Poor neglected characters. Although, there are scenes happening that were never meant to happen. (*pries characters apart*)

I'm reading 'The Doors of Perception' by Aldous Huxley that Ruby leant me. I find myself looking at the folds in the fabric of my clothes alot recently. It kinda makes me want to try mescalin. Anyone got any lying about? There's also the fangirl squee in me going 'Jim Morrison read this book! I'm reading a book that influenced Jim Morrison!' Because I'm a tard.

Snow again this weekend is the prediction. I wants it! I suppose all those people down south don't really, but I want the shiny snow.
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