May 2nd, 2011

Buffy: This is Wolfram & Hart approved!

Save me, Barry!

Holy crap, Alison bought the cutest tiny kitten in the world. His name is officially Helios (after much throwing of names and threatening to call him 'Shitnuts' if she didn't name him before she left) but last night I somehow started calling him Barry. So he'll be both in my mind now. (Misfits references for the win!)

He's an adorable tiny tiny ginger thing who is currently lying in the skirt between my knees like it's a hammock, vibrating like a freaking chainsaw. Helios loves laps and hugs, unlike Ariadne who still rarely will sit in my lap happily. (Ariadne is pissed off that we seem to have invited some little golden bastard to live in her house and she was hissing at him all night. She seems a little more mellow now. I think she's ignoring him.)

Alison has gone to Palmerston North to work for a week so we shall babysit her little boy until she returns. Hopefully by then the cats will be adorable together.

Two cats, you guys! We're turning into the best lesbians ever! :D (I need to kick that pesky 'sleeping with men' habit of mine though, because it's really putting a dent in our house statistics.)