October 21st, 2007


*rests head on keyboard*

I woke up at five on a Sunday morning after being drunk on Saturday night and not sleeping at all on Friday.

Why? By my reckonings I should still be asleep until at least three. This is all wrong and the world makes no sense.

Sporagmos drinkies last night was for the win. (Firefox spell checker doesn't like 'Sporagmos' Well, fine, it doesn't like 'okay' either so it's clearly the one in the wrong.)

I was going to post half naked women here because last night I said I should, but... I can't be bothered right now. So take that.

New Heroes starts on Monday. zomg. And if Woot keeps trying to spoil me I'm going to have to cut his hair off.

Hey Corby: Astrid says hi :) (The best part of that is totally that it says Lee between her legs.)

EDIT: After slinking around Facebook this morning I have stumbled across at lot of people from my high school. This disturbs me because some of them look like grown ups. And some of them, dammit, are actually gorgeous. Others... not so much. Also, I just found my first girl-crush on there. Crazy. I'm curious to see her photos but there's no way in hell I'm going to friend her, since I doubt she even remembers who I am. And I totally want to friend Diana Anaid because I found her as well. But since I don't really know her she'd think that was weird.

Holy crap, Ali. I found Kett!
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