October 7th, 2007

-- Te quiero


Trailers here! Trailers here! Sweeney Todd is here and it looks HOT.

It's a uber-gothic muscial set in Victorian London with Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, and directed by Tim Burton.

I am excited about everything in that sentence!

Mmmm, Johnny is singing. I like when Johnny sings... or walks... or, you know, breathes. It's all very exciting.

Less exciting was the first episode of season three of Supernatural that we saw tonight. I was disappointed by it. Which sucks since I've been really hyped to see it. But... I don't know. It didn't impress me very much. It wasn't terrible, and there were a few parts I really liked, but on the whole I feel rather apathetic over it. Hopefully I change my mind after next week.

And Peter's birthday drinkies here the other night ended up going until almost six am. Talk about dedicated drinkers. Although, Peter did leave waaay before that. Piking on his own birthday. This is what happens when he holds it at our house. And today we were way too lazy and have therefore done no cleaning. Tomorrow.