September 13th, 2007

X-Files: All things come to an end

And after midnight we're all the same

I want a nice X-Files mood theme, but they don't appear to exist. And this fact makes me very sad. (I found a few of them, but none were very good.) So I'm being old school and using one of my ancient mood themes. Because I didn't even remember I had half of these uploaded.

And now I'm wondering if Jen will kill me if I eat her chocolate that's just sitting there all unattended in the pantry. Poor chocolate. It must feel neglected. I could restock it tomorrow afternoon but what if she gets there first and goes 'WHERE IS MY CHOCOLATE?? MY DAY IS RUINED WITHOUT SAID CHOCOLATE!!' So I don't suppose I shall eat it. Because I like when I don't ruin flat mates days. Everything in the LFoD just runs so much more smoothly like that.

It's 4am. I'm babbling. I was also planning to go to bed earlier than this, much earlier. And yet.

Time for another cup of tea and a new character

This song I'm listening to is the only really good song off the new Birthday Massacre CD. Dissapointing overall, but I love love love 'Kill The Lights'

EDIT: Bwaha lies. Look at the demon boys moving. They mooooooove
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    'Kill The Lights' The Birthday Massacre