July 3rd, 2007


Couture > Almost everything else

Why would I want to be packing when I could be looking at fashion? Galliano remains a God among designers, and Gaultier is right there with him. They're both far too fantastic.

Also, I love Voltaire. The singer and not the writer, though I've got nothing against him. But the singer is my most recent musical acquisition. (Which sort of makes it sound like he's living in a box under my bed.) I, in fact, am willing to have a child simply so I can sing it 'Goodnight Demon Slayer' as a lullaby. Because it's so sweet. I might just borrow Raen's when she decides she wants to pop some out. And he's a geek, with songs like 'Worf's Revenge (Klingon Rap)' and 'The USS Makes Shit Up.' How can I not love that? (And he uses the word 'gorram' *glee*)

Lyric spamming. Because 'If I Only Were A Goth' is totally classic. Collapse ) Download

On the other music front: HIM's new album comes out in September. Released single? Big fat disappointment. And The Pumpkins still suck.

Tomorrow my flight leaves for Australia at 3.45 in the afternoon. (An afternoon flight? Surely you jest! It's unheard of!) so now I need to a) pay enough attention to my poets to last them a week, b) finish packing my suitcase, and c) find some dinner and a cup of tea.

My kingdom for a cup of tea.