June 14th, 2007


I'll wrap my wire around your heart

I finally heard the new Smashing Pumpkins song. (I had to search it out after hearing it was on the Transformers soundtrack. Along with HIM. Transformers soundtrack? WTF?) I'd like to state my offical comment of it right now.

Dear Billy Corgan and your FARCE of a band,

YOU ARE SHITE. I hope you fall in a rather large hole and die for the way you have fucked with my favourite band in the entire world. Stop trying to make money of the name of something that was amazing, you stupid stupid prick. If you were near me I would stab out your eyes with something pointy and laugh.

No love whatsoever but thoughts of sharp biting things,

If anyone needs me I will be listening to REAL Smashing Pumpkins and ranting at uncaring flatmates.
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    'Muzzle' The Smashing Pumpkins