May 6th, 2007


So we cut all ties by candlelight

It was very strange to turn up the volume on my computer and have classical music playing in a list I thought was all The 69 Eyes. Turned out to just be a new song I hadn't listened to yet. Weeeird none the less.

Last night Sena came around and we did our usual Saturday night event of new Supernatural and squeeing, sadly lacking chocolate this time. Sena is very amusing watching Supernatural. But not as funny as Jen who jumps at everything. She sat next to me once and I still haven't recovered all hearing in my right ear from the screaming.

After that it was the Peversion Party for which I was basically dressed as a whore with fox ears and tail and rather impractical boots (which the soles of my feet appear to be bruised from today). Sadly no photos for those lovely Australians I promised them too. Sorry! But there will be party page photos later.

It was a pretty good party, actually. Enjoyed myself a lot and wasn't even drinking. Alright, a lie. I had half of Alison's girly drink but, come on, I turned down TEQUILA.

I was meant to be going into uni today to get books for my essay but, eh, I'll do it tomorrow. Today is for being lazy and then when Jen comes home OMG X-FILES YAY!

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