April 26th, 2007


Breasts. Yes.

Jen is lying on my bed reading my awesome book about hilarious vampires. I am sitting and making icons.

Suddenly a Cath appears in my doorway and declares, "I swear my breasts have gotton bigger!"

"How? How is this POSSIBLE?" I cry.

"Because, look, I've put on actual weight. LOOK! I HAVE AN ARSE NOW!" She proceeds to grab and jiggle it to prove her point before leaving the room.

Now Jen and Catherine are standing in my room with their tops up comparing breast size, as Jen says hers too have grown.

"They're definatly a bigger handful than they were before," says Cath, groping herself. "I mean, they've never been a handful. Kind of a few."

"Maybe three handfuls," suggests Jen, measuring.

Cath nods. "Three girl handfuls."

Cath has lost her tape measure and therefore can't make this scientific. It is the conclusion of Jen and I that she is putting off doing her essay.

It's interesting living in this flat.
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