April 10th, 2007


"I am free. I haven't a single reason for living left."

My mother sent me an email telling me to do my essay. In caps-lock. I can't escape parental procrastination busting even when I move country.

Dear Parents Who Read This Journal: My essays are all done. You may now discontinue reading. I am being well-behaved and scholastic.

To Everyone Else: Haha, I have to finish an essay today. And it's stupid and annoying and I'm not quite sure what the hell I'm going to write. I'm working hard to earn my impending D.

I'd like to share a fact that will scare many. I've been watching Australia's Next Top Model. Really. Not as overly dramatic as the American version, but the girl's also don't squeal and pop my eardrums. So that's a huge plus right there. The weird thing with AusNTM is that is appears to be some sort of... modeling competition. Weeeeird. But cool. Some of the girls there I actually believe could enter the industry. Especially since they're letting in 16 year olds, instead of starting at 18 like the Americans. "Hi, yeah, I'm 26 and I'm totally going to be, like, the newest hottest model!!1!" 26? Go join a retirement home. No one in the modeling industry is interested.

Yes, you may all lose any respect you had left for me at this point. I will understand.

My rats are spazzing. Lord Byron and Baudelaire are wrestling with each other. It's so very cute.
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