March 28th, 2007


Whoa there, pickle.

In one of my lectures today we watched a section from a doco called 'Modify' which was about - surprise, surprise - body modification. It included fantastic scenes about men and their penis mods that made the boys in the class - yes, I was watching - cringe, and in one case almost curl into a ball. Hilarity. I have to go into Alice's and pick up a copy of the DVD because it really was fantastic and I wanted to watch more. (Part of this may have to do with seeing the menu screen and going '!!! There's a section on Masuimi Max!', showing me once again that I get a little too excited about the pretty girls I like.)

This all makes me wish I had money even more so I can get another tattoo and an industrial. Lack of money makes the Circe sad :(

On a less awesome uni note: DEAR LORD I HAVE THREE ESSAYS DUE NEXT WEEK. Have I started these essays? Am I doing them now? Am I prepared in the slightest? The answer to all these questions in a resounding 'no.' I suck out loud. I should be a little concerned by how okay I am with this fact, but I'm not really. No, instead I'm watching Music Jamboree clips on YouTube. Which is a fair enough substitute for work.

EDIT: NSYNC may be dead, but this is still funny.
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