February 11th, 2007

-- Beg my god to speak and tear me apart

This boy you love somehow

I spent all of Saturday recovering from Friday night. That's always the sign of an enjoyable party. Much dancing and socialising, but next weekend I must make more of an effort to see other people around those who I was already hanging out with.

I drank a little too much but thankfully slept it off all the next day so it's all cool now.

I have a few unidentifable bumps and bruises but that's okay with me :) I even remember 95% of the night. Which I've done much worse than quite often.

And, oh!, Emilie! They played 'Opheliac' and it made my soul much with the happy. And now Luke is Dictator and we've made him love her there will be moooore.

Oh, and for all of the Ness Friends - We shall be having a drinkies at the LFoD on the 3rd of March to welcome her back to the country. Be there or be liek totally uncool, yo. (I'll post again closer to the event.)
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