February 7th, 2007


Ooh yeeeeah

I return from Canturbury Faire feeling completely exhausted but omghappy. It's nice to sleep in a real bed instead of a deflating air matress in a small tent. I also had the added craziness of being abnle to sleep past nine because my room does not heat to an oven like the tent did.

But CF? So. Much. Fun. I miss it already! Real clothes aren't right and there are too many dragons in the city.

I have decided I need to get far more into my medieval stuff. I feel the desire to do it now and not just the obligation. Myself and a few others are working on a household, which will rock hardcore. I'm also going to start making more garb- with pointers from people who actually can- and I might go along to the singing group the Baron and Baroness were talking about, and rapier even though it's at nine on a Sunday morning across town.

(For those who I talked about the household with, I made the comm but don't know if it will email you about it. Because sometimes livwejournbal is screwy. So go check here to answer the invite. If I've missed any of us let me know!)

And now to finalise all my uni stuff and do all the things I'm supposed to do today.
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