September 8th, 2006


Hello Christchurch.

I return rather triumphant from my Nimbin escapades. I'm intact and everything. I bought things that shine, I met people that were made of shine, and I lounged about in sunshine.

Shine is, of course, the keyword of my trip.

Trip back was less than awesome. Chch airport fogged up so my flight that was meant to come in at midnight...didn't. And they sent us to Auckland. least I've been to Auckland now? We ended up getting to the hotel they were putting us at at around 3am and then the bus took us back to the airport at 7.30 to try and find us flights. I probably got about an hours sleep in the very hard hotel room so I am- as one may assume- a little sleepy.


Nice to be back in the LFoD though. I'd say 'nice to be home' but I don't know. Nimbin feels more like home to me. It's just mostly the people here I like. (Everyone feel like moving to hippy town with me?)

I'll catch up with peoples when I do, I guess. There's talk of some sort of gathering next weekend. (Not this one since Cath has looots of work to be done.)

Yeah. I'm done.

I'd forgotton how cold it was here. *freezes*
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