August 14th, 2006


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My father- of all people- has commanded that I make a post here. So...yeah. It's a post! I'm in Nimbin and not dead and everything

And I have wine. This house is like the constant stream of wine. If only the LFoD was as such.



(Dad has just informed me that this can be an outpost of the beloved LFoD. It doesn't have a name though. Dad says it searching. Now he whispers 'it's a seecret place.' So we'll all just have to believe him. Damn... I don't know where I started these brackets or why...)

*stops them*

My chair is wheeeeeely! WHEEELY! (weely weely cool.)

It's been a lovely warm day and, hell, I don't know what else to say here. So for now this will do. I'm keeping long babbly writings about my activities on my lappy anyway, so I can just post those when I get back.

I'll catch all you tards later.
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