August 9th, 2006



Dear Marilyn Manson,

Stop being so goddammed emo. Just...stop. You're married to miss Dita Von Hawt and have many many dollars to your name so STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME KILL MYSELF. I haven't had enough sleep to hear this much from you.

Not much love at the moment,

Dear Self,

Sleeeeeeeeep. Also happy birthday. Good luck on it not sucking. But, more importantly, sleeeeeep. You're not very good at this game.


Dear Mum,

Pink pajamas? PINK? And...they have shoes on them and declare me a shoeaholic? ... I honestly don't know what to make of this.

Much love really,
Your daughter.

Dear Australia,

Gonna getcha! You've got a week to prepare yourself for my presence in hippytown!

Hurricane Circe
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