July 16th, 2006


I wore my black and white dress

Serenity never gets old, man. And they said Inara had an affair with a pirate and now my brain is all zomgJackInaraElizabeth! (Because I can't seperate Sparrabeth.)

Tommorrow I am being taken along to a book sale but my book-obsessed flatmates. Not that book obsessed is a bad thing. I'm reading brilliant ones recently. Everyone should go read 'The Dreamers' by Gilbert Adair. (But not right now. Because you'd have to break into a library or bookstore unless you already own it and if you already own it you've probably read it, so don't break in anywhere. I don't encourage that sort of criminal behaviour. Just other sorts, darlings. I'm not sure where to end these brackets now that I've started them...) I must see if I can get someone to by me a copy of that book for my birthday. And the movie! Oh god, the movie. *loves on in the naughty way*

I'm also going to get another tattoo done for my birthday this year. I have a few ideas but nothing totally solid yet. I just neeed another tattoo! If I don't get one I will be very sad.

I want to travel. I want to go somewhere! Melbourne or Nimbin. I miss Nimbin :( Melbourne does have all the really cool shopping and my friends and oh god The Dresden Dolls but Nimbin is also very cool because it's pretty and relaxing and my dad and stepmum are there. I want to go to both! Stay in Nimbin and then duck down to Melbourne in time to take in the DD show. *randomly hopeful*

Mleh. Why must travelling cost money? I want to go places. I really do need a sugar daddy. Anyone interested in the position?

At some point Raen and I will post about our birthday parties. But hers is the first week of August and mine is the second, so...just keep that in mind until Raen gets her act together.

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Well that was nice and uninteresting. Lucky it's under a cut, eh?
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