July 7th, 2006


See, an update!

It was mentioned to me tonight that I should update. So here it is ^_^

We- being myself and flatmates- had plans for Strawberry Faire tonight but got into town to discover that something had only just finished at the town hall so, yeah, SF was sort of full and we could not have chococolaty chocolatey goodness. So we went and bought the supermarket kind and watched Firefly with it.

It's one-thirty in the morning and I have a doctor's appointment at nine am. If I were a clever girl I would be going to sleep right about now. Tommorrow's going to be difficult enough in general without adding lack of sleep onto it. *frets*

And if someone feels like killing this headache that has been kicking my arse for the last week that would be awesome. It's managed to move itself into my very skull and squeezing my eyes shut or touching my forehead hurts :( Pity me. And my paid account runs out tommorrow! Like, omg, MY LIFE IS SO HARD WOE.
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